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Prokofiev – Peter and the Wolf

Video-masterclass with: Michael Cox – Principal BBC Symphony Orchestra

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Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf - Flute Excerpt

by English String Orchestra | Nimbus

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  • Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf


  • 1936

First Performance: 

  • May 2nd 1936, Nezlobin Theatre, Moscow. Performed with Prokofiev conducting.


  • Introduction
  • The Story Begins
  • The Bird
  • The Duck
  • Dialogue With the Birds
  • Attack of the Cat Grandfather
  • The Wolf The Duck is Caught
  • The Wolf Stalks the Bird and Cat
  • Peter Prepares to Catch the Wolf
  • The Bird Diverts the Wolf
  • Peter Catches the Wolf
  • The Hunters Arrive
  • The Procession to the Zoo

Audio excerpts from:

  • Label: Nimbus
  • Artists: English String Orchestra

Video lesson by:

  • Michael Cox

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