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Mendelssohn – Midsummernight’s Dream – 2nd Flute

Video-masterclass with: Sarah Newbold and Michael Cox – 2nd and 1st flutes of the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields

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  • Mendelssohn, A Midsummer Night’s Dream



  • 1826 – Overture, 1842 – Incidental Music


First Performance: 

  • 20 February 1827



    • Overture
    1. Scherzo (After the first act)
    2. L’istesso tempo
    3. Lied mit Chor (song with choir)
    4. Andante
    5. Intermezzo (After the end of the second act)
    6. Allegro
    7. Con moto tranquillo (Notturno)
    8. Andante
    9. Hochzeitsmarsch (Wedding March after the end of the fourth act)
    10. Marcia funebre
    11. Ein Tanz von Rüpeln (A dance of clowns)
    12. Allegro vivace come I
    • Finale (with choir)


Video lesson by:

  • Sarah Newbold and Michael Cox

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