Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf - Flute Excerpt

Video-masterclass with: Michael Cox - Principal BBC Symphony Orchestra

Audio :: Orchestral Excerpt Performance by English String Orchestra :: Label Nimbus

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Nikolai Popov - Peter and the Wolf

Work: Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf

Composed: 1936

First Performance: May 2nd 1936, Nezlobin Theatre, Moscow. Performed with Prokofiev conducting.

The Story Begins
The Bird
The Duck
Dialogue With the Birds
Attack of the Cat Grandfather
The Wolf The Duck is Caught
The Wolf Stalks the Bird and Cat
Peter Prepares to Catch the Wolf
The Bird Diverts the Wolf
Peter Catches the Wolf
The Hunters Arrive
The Procession to the Zoo

Audio excerpts from:
Label: Nimbus
Artists: English String Orchestra
Video lesson by:
Michael Cox