Beethoven - Leonore Overture No. 3 - Flute Excerpt

Video-masterclass with: Michael Cox - Principal BBC Symphony Orchestra

Audio :: Orchestral Excerpt Performance by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra :: Label Naxos - Great Conductors

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Work: Beethoven, Overture Leonora No. 3 to Fidelio 

Composed: 1805
First Performance: 1806 as a reworking of the overture “Leonora No. 2”, which was used for the first performance of Beethoven’s Opera Fidelio. The conductor on both first performances was Ignaz von Seyfried.
Movements: Adagio - Allegro
Excerpts on PrincipalChairs from:
Adagio, bars 1-36
Allegro, bars 328-360 
Audio excerpt from:
Label: Great Conductors
Artists: Concertgebouw Orchestra
Video lesson by:
Michael Cox