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Brahms – Symphony No.1

Video-masterclass with: Michael Cox – Principal BBC Symphony Orchestra

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Brahms Symphony No. 1 - Flute Excerpt

by London Philharmonic Orchestra | Naxos Classical Archives

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  • Brahms Symphony 1, C minor


  • 1862-76.

First performance

  • November 4th 1876, in Karlsruhe, then in the Grand Duchy of Baden. Performed with the composer’s friend Felix Otto Dessoff conducting.


  • Un poco sostenuto—Allegro
  • Andante sostenuto
  • Un poco allegretto e grazioso
  • Adagio—Allegro non troppo, ma con brio

Audio excerpt from

  • Label: Naxos Classical Archives
  • Artists: Boult, Adrian; London Philharmonic Orchestra (1954)

Video Lesson by

  • Michael Cox

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