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Claudia Stein: Interview, Oct ’17

I had the good fortune whilst still at a special music school to meet composers and literally ‘grow up with them’, so that contemporary music was a natural part of my background. When I was 15, my classmate John Rausek wrote a piece dedicated to me. Later on I developed a close relationship to the composition…

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Mario Caroli: Interview Sep ’17

Do you approach learning contemporary music with the same principles as for something earlier? Yes, of course! I never make differences between the 'repertoire' and the new pieces, and maybe this approach makes it new and refreshing. I play a lot of contemporary music...

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Peter Lukas-Graf: Interview Jun ’17

What inspired you to play the flute? As a little schoolboy I played treble recorder like everybody. By looking for a real instrument my parents proposed a "real flute" a Böhm-flute.   Who were your musical inspirations? I listened to my mother who was a singer. Later...

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Clare Southworth: Interview ‘Nov 16

Who were your main musical influences? I had two main influences outside my college life, which were William Bennett and Geoffrey Gilbert. I would meet up with them even year at the international summer school where I was a student at first, and then I taught on it...

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Katherine Baker: Interview Jun ’16

How did your musical journey begin? I went to the Royal Academy of Music with the intention of studying with William Bennett who had inspired me to apply there. For my first year I had lessons with his wife Michie who took me back to the basics of Taffanel & Gaubert,...

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Jim Walker: Interview May ’16

What do you think makes a great orchestral player? It is impossible to separate most of those critical characteristics from those of a great soloist, chamber musician or session musician. The fundamentals are universal and without them, no musician can function at a...

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Claire Wickes: Interview Mar ’16 (Part 2)

First Flute of the English National Opera: Part - 2 Advice for Students and Young Players As your studying and professional playing overlapped, what did you find to be the main differences between playing with student orchestras and professional orchestras?...

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Claire Wickes: Interview Feb ’16 (Part1)

First Flute of the English National Opera   What is your favourite opera that you have played so far and why? It’s very difficult to decide on a favourite; everything that I’ve played so far has had such different qualities and assets that to just pick one is...

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Othonas Gkogkas: Interview Jan ’16

Principal Flute of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra   Who were your teachers, and who influenced you whilst you were studying? My first teacher was Thomas Georgiou and then Michael Cox, Kate Hill and Patricia Morris. I think I was lucky because my teachers...

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Gareth McLearnon: Interview Dec ’15

You have a great portfolio career. Which part do you enjoy the most? Funnily enough - it’s not actually one thing that I enjoy the most - but rather it's the diversity of my career which I really value, and the variety of my professional life and experiences that...

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Olga Ivusheikova: Interview, Nov’ 15

Teacher at the Moscow conservatoire and the Gnesis specialist music school   Who, out of all of your teachers, have influenced you the most? I had many teachers in my flute-playing life. I would consider my first teacher to be Vadim Abramovich Berezovsky, father of...

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Ulla Miilman: interview Oct, ’15

First Flute Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra "Great inspiration and knowledge has also come my way by working with my highly respected colleagues in the orchestra" Where did you study? I was very lucky with my first teacher who was the principal flute of the...

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Elizabeth Rowe: Interview Sep, ’15

Principal Flute of the Boston Symphony Orchestra Who, out of your teachers, has helped you the most with the the audition preparation for you first job in a professional orchestra and how? I learned something unique and important from each of my teachers, but by far...

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Denis Lupachev: Interview Aug, ’15

First flute of the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg I was very lucky to be in the orchestra during the renaissance of the theatre as we know it now. The orchestra was, just like the theatre, falling apart and it wasn’t until 1988 when Valery Gergiev took the...

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Michael Cox: Interview june, ’15 Part 2

Which are your three favourite symphonies? It is incredibly hard to choose because I would choose all of the Bruckner symphonies, and all of Brahms’, a lot of Mozart and quite a lot of Mahler. You are asking me to select just three and I will not. I will choose five...

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Michael Cox: Interview May, ’15 Part 1

Recently we have asked our Facebook fans, newsletter subscribers and website visitors to write questions to Michael Cox, our Artist-in-residence, on any flute related topics. We were overwhelmed with the response. Michael worked very hard to try and answer all of the...

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Hallfriour Olafsdottir: Interview April, ’15

First flute of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra What route did your studies take you? I first studied the flute in Iceland, my home country, with the English born Principal flute of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Bernard Wilkinson. He advised me to go abroad to summer...

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