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Bach – “Aus Liebe” – St. Matthew Passion (Part 2)

Video-masterclass with: Lisa Beznsiuk – Principal Principal Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

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Bach - "Aus Liebe" - St. Matthew Passion

by Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra | Naxos Regular CD

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Download the full St. Matthew’s Passion PDF (Manuscript) here.



The flute part of ‘Aus Liebe’ is on pages 8 & 9 of the Flauto Traverso 1 Chor 1 part on this link:


Although all of Part One is in Bach’s hand, Part Two including this aria is by one of Bach’s scribes named Heder, presumably written under supervision.


  • Bach, no. 58, St. Matthew Passion



  • 1727, revised 1736, 1743-1746.


First Performance: 

  • Good Friday April 11th 1727, Thomaskirche, Leipzig.


Audio excerpts from:

  • Label: Naxos Regular CD
  • Artists: Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra


Video lesson by:

  • Lisa Beznosiuk

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