Saint-Sáens - "Voliere" from Carnival of the Animals - Flute Excerpt

Video-masterclass with: Emily Beynon - Principal Royal Concertgebouw

Audio :: Orchestral Excerpt Performance by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra :: Label Naxos Regular CD

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Michael Cox - Voliere from Carnival of the Animals

Work: Saint-Såens, Voliere from Carnival of the Animals

Composed: February, 1886
First Performance: February 26th 1922 (posthumously) was the first public performance. Saint-Saens had not allowed performances of the work during his lifetime, believing the work may cause damage to his reputation as a serious composer.
Introduction et marche royale du lion (Introduction and royal march of the lion)
Poules et coqs (Hens and roosters)
Hémiones (animaux véloces) (Wild asses; quick animals)
Tortues (Tortoises)
L'éléphant (The elephant)
Kangourous (Kangaroos)
Personnages à longues oreilles (Characters with long ears)
Le coucou au fond des bois (The cuckoo in the depths of the woods)
Volière (Aviary)
Pianistes (Pianists)
Fossiles (Fossils)
Le cygne (The swan)
Excerpts on PrincipalChairs from: whole of Voliere.
Audio excerpt from:
Label: Naxos Regular CD
Artists: Lenard, OndrejSlovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Video lesson by:
Emily Beynon